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DIGNITY EXPRESS CARE is operated and run by a team of highly qualified healthcare professionals who recognise the value to health and quality of life that can be gained by a little support. DIGNITY EXPRESS Care was established in 2022 as a result of seeing many people being admitted to hospital when, with a little support at home, they may not need to have been.

At DIGNITY EXPRESS CARE we set the highest standards for our management and staff. Personal care is a personal thing and people should be helped to remain in control of their lives by having only suitable regular staff who they can build relationships with Ethel 2010. (Branch Manager) We work hard to achieve the maximum level of health, independence, self esteem, self confidence and family involvement for all our Clients. We are dedicated to maximising the job satisfaction and knowledge of our employees through proper induction, in service training and ongoing recognition for a job well done.

At DIGNITY EXPRESS CARE we know that our employees are our greatest asset and reward them as such

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The fear of losing control of your life is a common
feeling amongst our elder and less able citizens. But
it does not have to be this way.

Just as you choose your friends you can also choose
who will assist you if things become a little difficult. At
Dignity Express Health Care Ltd we know the
importance of trust between our staff and the people
they support.

That is why we only select the kindest,
most supportive people to train to be part of our
support team

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